Now, more than ever, it is vitally important for your group to stay connected. By leading an online group, you can keep delivering hope to your group members—all at a healthy social distance. In an online group, your group members will watch the video lessons on their own before joining a video chat for discussion together. But virtual doesn’t mean complicated.

There are multiple options available. We recommend starting with Google Hangouts or Zoom. Take a look at the breakdown below and choose one that will work best for your group.

Then check out some tips that we’ve discovered help make the online meeting  run a lot smoother.


How do I get a Zoom Account?

To get started, go to and sign up for a free account.

How do I schedule a meeting?

This one-minute video walks you through setting up a meeting series and creating the Zoom meeting link your members will use to join the video chat.

How do I let my group members know?

Simply email your Zoom meeting link and passcode to your group members and inform them of when the meeting is happening. If your members have never used Zoom there are some simple instructions you can send them to help them make sure their device is set up here.

Do I or my group members need a laptop to participate?

No. Zoom supports any desktop or mobile device with a camera or microphone. Even if your class members don’t have a camera, they can still call in to participate in discussions.

Follow These Tips for Leading Online

  • Jump online a few minutes early to make sure your audio and video are working
  • Sit close to the screen and position the screen at eye level or a little higher
  • Good lighting on front your face goes a long way
  • Avoid eating (unless everyone is eating together) or getting up during the group meeting
  • Turn off any potential distractions ahead of time so you can be fully engaged
  • When you are not talking on the video chat, hit the mute button. It’ll keep a lot of unnecessary noise off your chat
  • Keep the meetings shorter than if you were meeting in person
  • The free Zoom account limits meetings to 40 minutes, so plan a 5 minute break at the 40 minute mark and create another Zoom meeting to start back up for the rest of your meeting time

Other Online Platforms to Consider