Renovating Your Heart

In this series we’ll learn about how Jesus wants to take the old way of life away, and give us a new way of living – to transform us spiritually, from the inside out. When you recognize that your heart needs renovating, you can begin to experience spiritual transformation into Christlikeness. This renovation of our heart is where we prepare ourselves for the kingdom of God starting now.


The Returning King

A 3-part series about the second coming of Jesus and what we should be doing right now to be ready for his return.

The Most Important Thing About You

An 8 part series about the character and attributes of God.

Money Talks

A 3-part series about what money would say to you if it could talk and give you it’s best advice.


A 9-part series about how to find a way to thrive spiritually during times of uncertainty? Jesus gives us an invitation to a simplified life.

People Who Push Your Buttons

A 3-part series sharing truths from scripture that help us know how to deal with difficult people and love them like Jesus loves them.


A 5-part series teaching you where to place guardrails in your life, keeping you from disaster.

Sever Anxiety

A 2-Part Series that gives you the tools from the words of Jesus to win the spiritual part of the battle against anxiety in your heart.

Decisions That Determine Your Destiny

An 8-part series about how the Harvest Principle (which says you reap what you say) is always true without exception in all parts of our lives.

The Secret of Christmas

A 4-part series looking at the responses of key people in the biblical account of Jesus’ birth.

Who Needs Marriage?

A 5-part series about what we can learn from God, who designed and created marriage, about how to have a healthier marriage.

Behind the Miracle

A 7-part series diving into the astounding stories of the miracles Jesus performed in his life on earth.

Famous Last Words

A 4 part series exploring some of the final words of Jesus.