Everyone has doubts about God. We are not expected to believe based solely on a collection of ancient manuscripts. The foundation of our faith is anchored to something far more substantial and sustainable.

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Week 1 Discussion Guide



This 5-week study will give you practical approaches to building healthy relationships and pursuing spiritual growth so you can make the most of your new group.


We all have a next step to take in our spiritual growth. This 4-part study for small groups will help you identify your next step and make a plan for taking it.

How to Pray

In this 3 part series we’ll explore the questions: Why should I pray? How should I pray? Does praying even work? Is there a right and wrong way to pray?

Your Future Self Will Thank You

Without self-control we can’t fulfill the purpose God has for our life. This is a 5-part series about learning the skill of self control.

What if Jesus Was Serious?

What could look differently in culture, and in our lives, if we lived like Jesus was serious? In this 9-part series you’ll discover what life might look like if followers of Jesus took serious the Beatitudes Jesus taught in Matthew 5.

Renovating Your Heart

A 7-part series about how Jesus wants to transform you spiritually, from the inside out.

The Returning King

A 3-part series about the second coming of Jesus and what we should be doing right now to be ready for his return.

Demystify the Kingdom

The Kingdom of God/Heaven was mentioned by Jesus in the Gospels at least 85 times. In this 4 part series you’ll discover what Jesus meant by the “Kingdom of God” and how you can experience it everyday.


A 5-part series teaching you where to place guardrails in your life, keeping you from disaster.

Reassembly Required

In this 4 part series you’ll discover that while you’re not in control of every relationship being fully restored, you can strive to have no regrets by doing everything you possibly can.


In this 4-part series you’ll learn that the more we understand the Trinity, the more we will be able to grow in our enjoyment of God.

3 Enemies of Your Soul

In this 8 part series you’ll discover that God gives us a strategy to recognize and resist our enemy and experience victory every day!

Decisions That Determine Your Destiny

An 8-part series about how the Harvest Principle (which says you reap what you say) is always true without exception in all parts of our lives.

The Most Important Thing About You

An 8 part series about the character and attributes of God.


In this 4 part series we’ll look at 4 conversations Jesus had with people after his resurrection in which he addressed some of the most common misconceptions we all face in our faith.

God's Wisdom For Healthy Relationships

In this 4-part series you’ll discover principles and truths that can transform all of your relationships that our Heavenly Father shares with us in the Bible.

People Who Push Your Buttons

A 3-part series sharing truths from scripture that help us know how to deal with difficult people and love them like Jesus loves them.

Who Needs Marriage?

A 5-part series about what we can learn from God, who designed and created marriage, about how to have a healthier marriage.

Sever Anxiety

A 2-Part Series that gives you the tools from the words of Jesus to win the spiritual part of the battle against anxiety in your heart.


A 9-part series about how to find a way to thrive spiritually during times of uncertainty? Jesus gives us an invitation to a simplified life.

Money Talks

A 3-part series about what money would say to you if it could talk and give you it’s best advice.